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Rising raw oil prices, a toughening of the international emission legislations as well as a growing ecological sensibility in the society are leading to the need of a consequent further development of efficient and low-emission ship propulsion systems. Thereby the limits for nitrous gases and sulphur oxides of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have to be fulfilled. Furthermore, visible soot emissions are not acceptable for the public any longer.

The emission legislation in the automotive and land based application sector is making a noticeable impact regarding the air quality in Western Europe since a few years. Due to this fact, the ship based rate of the overall air pollution is rising at the same time. Therefore and because of an expected further growing world transport volume there is an essential need to reduce the emissions of ship engines.

Against this background, the project partners LKV, LTT, CAT and FVTR are investigating a new combustion process for a medium speed dual-fuel ship application. The dual-fuel technology is a promising approach to turn the ship based transportation sector into an even greener business.