Simulation Technology


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To achieve future requirements in terms of emissions and economic efficiency for marine propulsion and power unit systems, individual measures und concepts for the optimization of dual-fuel engines are developed within the LEDF-project. This includes experimental work on the new single cylinder engine and simulative investigations using modern 3D-CFD methods.

The focus lies on a flow simulation coupled with detailed chemical reaction kinetics to investigate and predict the combustion process. For the calculation of the three dimensional flow field, which is coupled with chemical reactions, the commercial software AVL FIRE is used. Since in dual-fuel combustion processes the natural gas is ignited by a diesel pilot spray, two reaction mechanisms for the calculation of the reaction are necessary: on the one hand the mechanism for the natural gas and on the other hand the mechanism for the diesel pilot spray.

The basis for the natural gas mechanism is the Grimech 3.0, which was optimized for dual-fuel combustion by Rahimi et al. These mechanism was coupled with the n-heptane mechanism developed by Golovichev. In a first step the 3D-simulations are validated by 0/1D- simulations. Later on, after complementation and initial operation of the single cylinder engine, the simulation results will be validated with real measurement results.