Test bed activities


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After successful installation of the engine in the test bench hall of the University of Rostock and the corresponding combination of all required media cycles, the first test bed commissioning started in October 2015. Since then, the system has been constantly expanding and undergoing test cycles to gain a better understanding of dual-fuel operation.

The reference values ​​elaborated in the start project LEDF I initially served as plausibility of the adaptation to real engine operation. The ongoing follow-up project LEDF II is mainly concerned with the influence of the pilot injection quantity on the entire dual-fuel combustion. In addition, by expanding and varying the overall system, research opportunities are optimized.

Through the use of selected injector types and associated nozzle variations, the effects of injection timing and injection quantity are analyzed. In addition, results from the comparison of simple to multiple injection findings for further optimization potential.



System expansions in LEDF II:

Gas mixing section

for simulating worldwide gas compositions

Variable FCT

for stepless adjustment of the cam positions

Gas chromatography

for the determination of currently used gas properties

Laser-based valve lift measurement

to optimize the work process

Fuel consumption measurement

for the exact determination of the supplied pilot quantity

Charge air humidification

to simulate worldwide humidity levels of the intake air