Test bed construction


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When the project started it was clear that a reworking of the existing test bed infrastructure would be one of the first major tasks. To give you an impression about all the work which was already done you can watch the time laps video below:



The engine setup was constructed with the vision to cover a wide range of possible large engine configurations. To get an impression about the engine's parameter, see the following table:

           Unit        theoretical configuration             current configuration
Number of cylinders - 1 1
Working principle - dual-fuel, 4 stroke dual-fuel, 4 stroke
Bore diameter mm 250 ... 350 340
Piston stroke mm 350 ... 500 460
Cylinder volume l 17.18 ... 48.11 41.76
Rated speed rpm 720 720
Maximum speed rpm 900 900
Rated power kW 850 650
Air charging bar(a) 8.5 8.5
Number of valves - 4 4
Main injection system - pump-line-nozzle pump-line-nozzle
Pilot injection system - common rail common rail
Gas injection system - SOGAV SOGAV
Useable fuels - HFO, MDO, diesel, natural gas HFO, MDO, diesel, natural gas