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Second Dual-Fuel combustion simulation workshop


Based on the success of the first Dual-Fuel simulation workshop, the follow-up event took place on 26.04.2018 at the Fraunhofer Institute Rostock.

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Commissioning of the new gas mixing section


Since October 2017, the LEDF engine has been extended by a new gas mixing section. Separate tanks for the supply of CO2 and propane were installed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology of the University of Rostock.

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Start of the follow-up project LEDF2


Based on the successful LEDF project, the follow-up project LEDF2 has been launched since 01. October 2016. The extended processing time allows further research until 30. September 2020. For this purpose, we are supported by additional partners from the industry.

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Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy visits LEDF test bed


Yesterday, Federal Minister Siegmar Gabriel visited the Institute of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines of the University Rostock.

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First Dual-Fuel Combustion Simulation workshop


On April the 28th the first Dual-Fuel Combustion Simulation workshop  took place in Rostock.

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Presentation of the new single cylinder test bed


On September the 17th the buildup phase of the test bed was officially accomplished. To celebrate this project milestone we invited many of our suppliers and supporters.

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Presentation of the new single cylinder engine


After the installation of the engine our staff was really looking forward to present the test bed to the gathered expert audience. So we used the evening before the 3rd Rostocker Großmotorentagung to invite our guests to a social evening into our machine laboratory.

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Delivery & Installation of LEDF engine


Last week our new single cylinder engine was delivered. A specialist company from Hamburg realized the insertion into the machine laboratory of the LKV. Only therefor a transportable hydraulic lift system was installed beside the new engine basement.

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3rd Rostocker Großmotorentagung


For the third time the University of Rostock will host the conference on large engines. It  takes place from 18th - 19th of September 2014.

For more information please visit

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