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Project Leader: 
Dr.-Ing. Martin Reißig
martin.reissig [at] fvtr.de
FVTR content within LEDF project:


  1. Support during test bed buildup
  2. Assistance and involvement in simulation process
  3. Provision of computing capacities on own cluster
  4. Test bed control software for operating point adjustment
  5. Financial support for engine basement

As a Start-up from Rostock University, FVTR offers independent research and development services in the fields of combustion engines and energy technology.

Main activities of FVTR are:

  • Research and development for combustion engines
  • Efficient energy conversion processes
  • Optimization of heat transfer processes and heat management
  • Innovative cooling systems and coolants
  • Determination of chemical and thermodynamical properties of rigid bodies, fluids and gases
  • Special fuels (biofuels, synthetic fuels, maritime fuels)
  • Analyses of thermodynamic processes (CFD, chemical reaction kinetics, laser diagnostics)


The customer benefits are a high competence in the fields of combustion engines, energy technology and thermodynamics based on an experienced staff and in direct cooperation with Rostock University (access to latest research results):

  • Confidentiality and accessibility of the results
  • Professional project management and lean structures
  • State-of-the-art measurement and computing equipment